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Hygiene policies keep children safe at child care

Australia’s largest child care organisation representing over 780 child care centres has asked that parents of children suffering from cold and flu to take care not to send them to child care centres and infect other children.

 With over 110,000 children entering the doors of a Childcare Queensland centre each day, cold and flu can easily be passed between children and spread throughout the community.

Childcare Queensland President Gwynn Bridge says that this winter is expected to be bad for cold and flu and the media focus around the swine flu has heightened parent’s fears.

“Childcare Queensland centres adhere to stringent Exclusion policies certified by government for the protection of all children in our care,” Ms Bridge said.

“Our centres also ensure washing of hands regularly for every child and use of gloves when preparing food,” she said.

 “All times of the year but especially when coming into winter our members and staff are particularly aware of the health of every child in our care.”

 Ms Bridge says that parents should be on the lookout for early symptoms of illness including increased temperature and tiredness.”

 “Cold and flu passes between children like fire through dry grass,” Ms Bridge says.

 “A sick child is an unhappy child and in these tough times many parents cannot afford to take time off work to look after their sick child,” she said.

 “However by sending your sick child to child care for the day you may pass the illness on to another child and family that is in a more vulnerable.

  “We sometimes have to refuse a child if they appear unwell.”

 Childcare Queensland centres offer advice and assistance to over 175,000 parents throughout Queensland.

 “As Australia’s largest child care organization we have a responsibility to ensure the children are safe, healthy and happy,” Ms Bridge says.

 “With procedures in place that are certified by Government and independent bodies, our 780 members can confidently look the parents in the eye and say ‘your child is in the best hands’.”   

 Childcare Queensland fully supports the advice from our State Health Department.

 Childcare Queensland President Gwynn Bridge says that their organisation provides standardised guidelines for members that ensure all the 110,000 children that use a Childcare Queensland centre will receive the same care, which includes stringent health and hygiene procedures.

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